Germany is the strongest and most developed economy in the European Union. Gather all the necessary ingredients to make studying abroad an unforgettable experience. We share some reasons to study in Germany:

  1. Academic level: Its academic system is among the best in the world, German universities stand out for promoting innovation and the comprehensive development of their students. </ li>
  2. Job opportunities: The German government allows students to work up to 20 hours a week and when you finish the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree you can stay up to 18 additional months to work. If in that period of time the company for which you work offers you a contract, you could stay permanently in Germany, carrying out the corresponding immigration procedures.
  3. Easy access to education: There are multiple options to study in Germany, even if you don’t have a level of German. Large Colleges and Business Schools offer their programs entirely in English, with simple entry requirements and internationally recognized degrees.
  4. Friends: The stereotype that Germans are “cold” is very far from reality. The Germans welcome visitors very well, especially foreign students. If you decide to study in Germany, you will probably have a large group of friends who will invite you to parties, play soccer or take a walk around the city.
  5. Standard of living: Germany is one of the countries with the best quality of life , its cities stand out for their good mobility, safety and job opportunities. Without a doubt, Germany has everything a student could dream of, especially for those who want academic and professional development, with the extra ingredient of having an international education. < / li>

Study in Germany

Ways to legally reside and work in the country:

  1. Studying a German course.
  2. Study a professional career, master’s or postgraduate degree. Students from outside the EU / EEA can also work in Germany while studying, for 120 full days or 240 half days a year.
  3. Permission to extend stay after graduation: The extension request must be submitted to the local Foreign Office before the student visa expires.

Study and work in Germany

  • Opportunity to learn or improve English, while learning another language, such as German
  • Cultural exchange: get to know the country, the local culture and traditions
  • Connect with students from other countries
  • Opportunity to travel and explore other European cities
  • Opportunity to work while you study
  • Extending your stay in Germany: there is the possibility of extending your residence permit after graduation, in order to reside and work.

Higher Studies in Germany

One of the most popular alternatives among students that:

  • They have a High Intermediate (B2) level of English and want to bet on building a professional profile with quality programs, at a good price.
  • They want to live the experience of studying in the most developed country in Europe, with the possibility of working while you study

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