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Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) is a vibrant, dynamic and modern learning environment in which you can confidently pursue your academic and career ambitions.

Regardless of what you are studying, our reputation for academic excellence and our close relationships with employers ensure that our graduates can always have confidence in their future.

In fact, we are leading the way in university collaboration with employers to ensure our courses are future proofed to meet the changing demands of the modern workplace.

With 130 programs in four Business, Tourism, Engineering and Science schools, our courses are as diverse as our students (who come from other countries and from more than 31 countries) and range from one to four years; combining academic theory with the development of practical skills.

LYIT is also a gateway to the highest educational level. 70% of our full-time students are scholarship recipients, with awards available from certificate level to PhD level.

And on the subject of PhDs, did you know that more than 40 percent of our professors have or are completing one? It is just another reflection of our love of learning; a passion that we inspire in all of our students to help them get ahead and stay ahead.

LYIT is an organization that likes to adapt to the times. We realize our role in providing opportunities to all those who study with us; we have to be proactive in developing a set of courses that provide the best opportunity for progress in life. It is also important that our campuses and facilities reflect the growing needs of third grade students.

College is about more than attending conferences and at LYIT we are proud of the community spirit that has developed on campus, whether at Letterkenny or Killybegs, which sets us apart from other tertiary institutions. Take the time to read some stories from past graduates and find information about our two campuses.

Our Courses

Our industry-focused courses are designed to help you fulfill your career ambitions in the future.

LYIT’s success in this area is attributed to our unwavering commitment to excellence. One of the cornerstones of our reputation in this area is our connection to the industry, not only in the Northwest region but also nationally. We have a fantastic mix of people, students, teachers and professional staff to inspire your imagination and stimulate your creativity in the best possible way.

We hope that in this section you get to know our approach here at LYIT and see for yourself what our graduates and employers have to say.

Visas and immigration: non-EU students

Students from some international countries will need visas to study in Ireland. Several countries do not require a visa for Ireland.

Please allow up to 7 weeks for study visas to be processed in some countries. Please check the guidelines for your specific country’s Ireland visa application procedure and contact us if you need guidance.

Once you are at LYIT and registered, you will be instructed on how to make an appointment to obtain your Irish Residence Permit (IRP) card. These are replacing the old GNIB cards. You will get your IRP here in Letterkenny and it will cost € 300 a year.

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