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If you plan to study in Ireland, Work & amp; Study is the brand of study and work abroad programs of Grupo Idiomas Travel, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the world of educational training with representatives in Latin American countries and Spain.

Our goal is to provide the best quality service and fulfill the dreams of students in the field of education.


At Workd and Study we advise you throughout the process to help you choose the perfect institution in Ireland that suits your professional goals. With our experience in admissions in Ireland, getting your admission to the best universities will be really easy and safe.

Dundalk Institute of Technology

University College Cork

University of Limerick

IBAT College Dublin 

Dublin City University 

Dublin Business School 

Griffith College

Trinity College Dublin

Technological University Dublin

Dorset College Dublin

National College of Ireland

English Language Institute

Independient College Dublin

Dundalk Institute of Technology

NUI Galway

Institute of Technology Carlow

Waterford Institute of Technology

Maynooth University


Education really changes people’s lives for the better and we love being a part of this process. From helping students find the right university, to building ultra-modern student housing, and more. But… why Ireland?

Ireland is home to many prestigious universities and its capital city “Dublin” ranks 14th in the PISA (International Program for Student Assessment Report) test.

Various countries in Latin America do not need a VISA to enter the country, making migration procedures easier.

Ireland is home to many educational centers. For this reason, it also receives a large number of foreign students. It is one of the best reasons to study in Ireland. You will share the experience with hundreds of young people.

For a decade now, the main Irish cities have been growing as economic and business centers. Dublin, for example, has been nicknamed “European Silicon Valley,” due to the arrival of tech giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Intel.

This is undoubtedly one of the main benefits that Ireland offers you. In Ireland you can study and work while taking any of our programs.

Ireland offers higher education students 1 year of post-bachelor’s work permit and 2 years of post-master’s work permit.

Ireland’s educational system is world class and students prepare in such a way that after completing their degree they gain worldwide recognition.

Upon entering the country, Ireland is one of the European countries that ask for the lowest proof of funds. You must have the equivalent value of € 3,000.

In addition to being a country full of opportunities, its history and culture will catch you: each of its castles, the legends and ghostly tales, its good Celtic music that you can enjoy live in the famous Irish pubs, charming cities, etc.

The minimum wage in Ireland is € 10.20 per hour. That would be about € 1600 gross per month. In qualified positions, the annual salary ranges between € 30,000 and € 70,000 gross per year more or less.

The cost of studying a Higher Education program in Ireland is much more affordable compared to universities in Canada and the US.

Being able to obtain residency in a country like Ireland involves a series of steps and requirements. Studying a Higher Education program is the 1st step in this process.

The Critical Skills Employment Permit is designed to attract highly qualified individuals to the Irish job market, with the aim of encouraging them to establish a permanent residence in the country.

Irish families have a highly developed sense of community. Therefore, it is much easier for those who want to study in Ireland to integrate. The ties that the Irish maintain are strong and endure over time.

Ireland is a land of legends, imposing castles and enchanted villages that are waiting for you. Some of our recommendations are the Emerald Isle, the Ring of Kerry (Charles Chaplin’s summer resort) and the Antrim Giant’s Causeway.


We have direct links to a variety of study options with colleges, including full-process counseling and direct admission, helping students receive a quality, life-changing education.

Our partnership with more than 1,200 universities around the world creates wonderful opportunities for students, educational agents, sponsors, and more.

Work And Study has financing plans and payment facilities.

Upon arrival, we will provide you with the necessary support, as we have a physical presence in Ireland for your well-being.

More than 10,000 students have trusted us.


Forget the stress with paperwork and application forms, at Work and Study we take care of it and make your entire process transparent and uncomplicated. Our experienced Work And Study advisers will be available for any questions or clarification during and after your academic investment.

Our advisors will save you valuable time and make sure you find the perfect university that fits your profile. We will guide you to the shortlisted institutions and help you apply for the best study plan.

Our experienced advisors will take care of the entire application process with all the necessary documents. We monitor the status of your application and keep you informed regularly. Obtaining the admission letter for you will be a simple task.

At Work and Study we will also help you finance your studies through our associated financial institutions. Our experienced consultants will review the profiles of all your sponsors and provide you with financial advice to choose the right educational loan provider, prepare the necessary documents and acquire the student loan.

Comfort and affordability are our priority and we can help you with accommodation during your course of study. We can advise you to find the best accommodation deals that suit your pocket and your needs.


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