Matemáticas Y Física En UL

BSc (Honors) in Mathematical Science (Single Honors)

Key Points

  • Work permit while you study

  • Post Graduation Work Permit for 12 months

  • Start dates: September

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Level 8 qualification

  • Type: Full Time
  • Hours: Daytime
  • Enrollment Fee: From € 22,000

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Mathematical science is the foundation of science, technology, engineering, finance, software, and countless other modern developments. Mathematical Sciences allows you to study all aspects of mathematics, including Single Honors in Mathematical Sciences, Financial Mathematics, and Actuarial Sciences, or Joint Honors with Physics. If you like math, this route offers you an exciting and challenging title.

Our Bachelor of Science in Mathematics program is a broad-based degree course for students who wish to develop their mathematical knowledge and ability to a level that is highly valued by employers. You will study a wide range of topics in mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics, concentrating on the areas you like best, without unduly specializing. There is a wide variety of courses, especially in the third and fourth years.

In your first year, you will learn the basic skills that will serve you for the remainder of the course. This will include a review of the mathematics of your certificate of completion, but with a strong focus on mathematical understanding and rigor. Depending on your interests, you will find new topics to consider from the mathematical world, from modules on theoretical aspects of mathematics to its practical applications and you will learn to apply these concepts and techniques in a real world context. You will also gain important programming skills in a mathematical context, experience working in groups, and acquire oral and written presentation skills through project work and research.

Program structure

All modules are 5 credits unless otherwise noted.


  • AM1052 Introduction to Mechanics
  • AM1053 Introduction to mathematical modeling
  • AM1054 Mathematical Software
  • MA1057 Introduction to Abstract Algebra
  • MA1058 Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • MA1059 Calculus
  • MA1060 Introduction to Analysis
  • ST1051 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

And modules worth 20 credits from the following:


  • AC1107 Investment in Capital Assets
  • AC1108 Introduction to valuation and risk
  • BL1006 Habitats and ecosystems
  • CM1006 Introduction to Chemistry for Physicists and Mathematicians (10 credits)
  • CS1061 C Programming
  • CS1065 Programming of computer applications
  • CS1069 Introduction to Internet Technologies
  • EC1213 Microeconomic Reasoning and Practice
  • EC1214 Macroeconomic Analysis Tools
  • PA1003 Principles of Market Analysis (10 credits)
  • PY1052 Introduction to Physics I * (10 credits)
  • PY1053 Introduction to Physics II * (10 credits)
  • PY1054 Special Physics Topics
  • ST1050 Statistical programming in R

Students in Mathematical Sciences (CK407) who pass Science First may choose to enter the Mathematical Sciences program with a single honors degree or the Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences program with a single honors degree.

Students take 60 credits as follows:

  • Applied Mathematics
    AM2052, AM2060, AM2061, AM2071, AM2072 (5 credits each)
  • Mathematics
    MA2051, MA2054, MA2055, MA2071 (5 credits each)
  • Statistics
    ST2053 (5 credits), ST2054 (10 credits)

Practicalities of the course

In a typical year, you will study 12 modules, each worth 5 credits, leading to 12 hours of lectures and 6 hours of tutoring per week on average.

Most courses consist of two lectures per week, along with worksheets that you work on with the support of a tutor in a weekly tutorial.

Modules that involve significant use of the computer will have associated labs. Some modules incorporate hands-on labs, and for these, students may be required to purchase basic safety items, such as a lab coat or protective goggles. Other modules may require the purchase of a component kit.

Career opportunities

La Facultad de Ciencias Matemáticas está conformada por las Disciplinas de Matemáticas, Matemática Aplicada y Estadística y forma parte de la Facultad de Ciencias, Ingeniería y Ciencias de los Alimentos. Nuestra misión principal es proporcionar educación de alta calidad en matemáticas, matemáticas aplicadas y estadística, y llevar a cabo investigaciones con los más altos estándares internacionales en un espíritu de servicio comunitario y profesional, como lo hizo nuestro primer profesor de matemáticas, George Boole en su día.

Ingresará al mercado laboral con un título de numeración de primera clase de uno de los departamentos de Ciencias Matemáticas más sólidos del país. Los empleadores aprecian mucho el énfasis en el desarrollo de habilidades para la resolución de problemas en una variedad de disciplinas. Nuestros estudiantes tienen una excelente trayectoria tanto en el desarrollo profesional después de la graduación como en los estudios de posgrado. Tenemos fuertes vínculos con empresas locales, nacionales e internacionales, así como una sólida reputación internacional en investigación que agregará valor a su título.

Como graduado, poseerá habilidades técnicas y numéricas, así como habilidades blandas deseables, como habilidades de presentación oral y escrita y experiencia de trabajo en equipo, todas las cuales son muy valoradas por los empleadores potenciales. Un título en ciencias matemáticas puede conducir a una amplia gama de carreras en áreas como contabilidad, trabajo actuarial, banca, consultoría de gestión, comercio de opciones, industrias farmacéutica y biotecnológica, investigación científica, software / informática y en industrias basadas en la ingeniería como la electrónica. y tecnologías de la comunicación. Los recién graduados han trabajado para AIB, Allianz Insurance, Cork County Council, FBD Insurance, Flutter Entertainment, IPB Insurance y UCC.

English requirements

Candidates from outside the EU are expected to have educational qualifications of a standard equivalent to the Irish Exit Certificate. In addition, when such candidates are not native English speakers, they must satisfy the university of their English language proficiency.

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