BSc (with Honors) in Computing in Game Development

Key Points

  • Work permit while you study

  • Post Graduation Work Permit for 12 months

  • Guaranteed practices

  • Start dates: September

  • Duration: 4 years
  • Level 8 qualification

  • Type: Full Time
  • Hours: Daytime
  • Tuition Fee: From € 9,975/year

  • Scholarships available

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  • Graduates of the program will acquire a detailed knowledge and understanding of the creative, developmental, and programming components necessary for developing computer games.
  • Students taking this program will develop, test, and implement computer games that work each year of the course.
  • This course prepares students for work in the computer industry by helping them develop both personal and professional skills in a supportive, positive, and student-centered environment.
  • Graduates will develop the confidence and competence necessary to work within a multidisciplinary team, being experts in the use of applications and tools used to produce interactive gaming experiences for different industries and real-world domains.
  • Students taking this program will have the opportunity to participate in various competitions and field trips at regional, national and European level to facilitate the presentation of shows, the creation of networks and the evaluation of their work both technically and creatively.

Career options

As a graduate of this course, you will have a skill set that will enable you to obtain employment in the growing games industry, working as part of a development team or in any area of the software development industry.

Typical career opportunities include:

  • Game engine developer, game designer (narrative), shader programmer, multiplayer game developer, UI and UX designer, creative manager.
  • Front-end developer, Java / C ++ developer, software tester, mobile developer.
  • Full Stack Developer, AI Developer, Database Developers.
  • Software Architects, Build and Release Engineers, Requirements Engineers, Scrum Master.

Delivery of the Program

  • This course is taught in a combination of lectures, lab classes, and tutorials.
  • There is a specific focus on problem-based learning and much of the program content is delivered in small 20-student computer labs where students can take advantage of increased feedback and interaction with their teacher.
  • There are numerous support services available within the department to enable and encourage all students to realize their personal and professional potential.
  • Elective module options in the final year of the program allow students to focus on the discipline they intend to pursue as a career after graduation.

Program structure

Semester 1

  • Schedule (all year)
  • Client-side web development
  • Game theory and practice
  • Mathematics 1
  • Personal and professional development

Semester 2

  • Schedule (all year)
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • Game design project
  • Database systems 1
  • Introduction to networks
  • Principles of applied software development
  • Intensive project abroad (optional)

Semester 1

  • Object-oriented programming (year-round)
  • Development of 2D game engines
  • Animation of characters in 2D and 3D (all year)
  • Database systems 2
  • Software testing
  • Mathematics 2
  • Intensive project abroad (optional)

Semester 2

  • Object-oriented programming (year-round)
  • Animation of characters in 2D and 3D (all year)
  • C ++
  • Calculation
  • Management of applied software projects
  • UX Design
  • Intensive project abroad (optional)

Semester 1

  • 3D game engine development
  • Physics games
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Universal design project
  • Sound technology
  • Intensive project abroad (optional)

Semester 2

  • Job position
  • Approved semester abroad (optional)

Semester 1

  • 3D game development (all year)
  • Legal and ethical issues in computing
  • Search methods
  • Optatives : Collaborative project (one year) O Project (one year) // Distributed multiplayer programming (one year) // Artificial intelligence // Audio of procedural games // Digital sculpture and digital painting // Intensive project abroad

Semester 2

  • 3D game development (all year)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Optatives : Collaborative project (one year) O Project (one year) // Distributed programming for several players (one year) // // Machine learning // Game audio implementation // Narrative design

Admission requirements

  • Applicants will require a baccalaureate degree officially translated into English
  • IELTS 6.0 or higher (or its internationally recognized equivalent)

Who should apply

This course is best suited for:

  • Students who wish to work in a creative, dynamic and fast growing industry.
  • Students who are interested in producing creative content and interactive storytelling.
  • Students who enjoy working individually and in groups on novel and challenging projects.
  • Students who enjoy programming and problem solving in a novel domain.
  • Students who wish to work in an industry that will grow, change and challenge throughout their professional lives.

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