BA in Digital Marketing and Public Relations

Key Points

  • Work permit while you study

  • Start dates: September

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Level 7 qualification

  • Type: Full Time

  • Hours: Daytime

  • Tuition Fee: € 9,975/year

  • Scholarships available

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The degree prepares students for direct employment within the marketing communications industry and has been well received as timely and relevant by employers. A key selling point of the course is the one-semester job placement in the third year, which will give students a taste of life within this dynamic and expanding industry and allow them to put their skills to use.

There is also the option of spending a semester studying abroad or working on an industrial project. DkIT sees this as a core strength of the new degree, with strong links to the industry through the job placement office, this will allow students to gain a real-world experience within their area of interest, something that will truly recognize them as graduates.

Career options

The degree prepares you for a career in marketing and public relations and has been welcomed as timely and relevant by employers and recruitment agencies. You will face challenges designed to unleash your potential while learning in a truly supportive environment.

Graduates of this course are qualified for careers in areas such as:

  • public relations
  • advertising
  • data analysis
  • sales account management
  • online community / social media management
  • brand management
  • corporate social responsibility
  • media relations
  • event management
  • marketing
  • communication management
  • content generation
  • global sales

Program structure

Students will take four modules taught in each of the two 15-week semesters. Subsequently, the research project will be completed within three months.

Semester 1

  • Research and communication skills
  • Business computer applications
  • Accounting
  • Digital marketing, public relations and communication (a whole year)
  • Introduction to writing for digital media (whole year)
  • Electives: French 1 // Spanish 1 // English 1 // German 1 // Chinese 1 // Intercultural Studies 1 (Irish Society) // Contemporary Marketing and Communication

Semester 2

  • Digital marketing, communication and public relations (a whole year)
  • Introduction to writing for digital media (whole year)
  • Communication skills in the workplace
  • Contemporary management
  • Economy and society
  • Electives: French 2 // Spanish 2 // English 2 // German 2 // Chinese 2 // Intercultural Studies 2 (Shape of Europe) // Creativity Innovation and teamwork

Semester 1

  • Planning and execution of public relations (a whole year)
  • Commercialization of the law
  • Marketing Media Tools (Year Round)
  • Contemporary Market Research
  • Psychology and consumer behavior
  • Electives: French 3 // Spanish 3 // English 3 // German 3 // Chinese 3 // Intercultural Studies 3 (America) // Well-being and resilient student

Semester 2

  • Management accounting for decision makers
  • Sales: Management and Practice
  • Brand management and customer relationship
  • Planning and execution of public relations (a whole year)
  • Marketing Media Tools (Year Round)
  • Electives: New Product Development // Intercultural Studies 4 (Middle East and Africa) // French 4 // Spanish 4 // English 4 // German 4 // Chinese 4

Semester 1

  • Mobile marketing
  • Integrated Communications Practice
  • Write for digital media
  • Applied Entrepreneurship
  • Event management
  • Electives (choose one): Intercultural Studies 5 (Asia) // Image Editing and Design Theory // French 5 // Spanish 5 // English 5 // German 5 // Chinese 5

Semester 2

  • Job position
  • Industry project
  • Study Abroad Semester

Admission requirements

→ International students will require a Bachelor’s degree from the country of origin. The degree and grades must be officially translated into English.
Applicants will require a baccalaureate degree officially translated into English.
→ IELTS 5.5 or higher (or its internationally recognized equivalent).

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