MSc en Marketing estratégico y práctica

MSc in Strategic and Practical Marketing

Key Points

  • Work permit while you study

  • Post Graduation Work Permit for 24 months

  • Start dates: September / January

  • Duration: 1 year

  • NFQ Level 9 qualification

  • Type: Full Time
  • Hours: Daytime
  • Tuition Fee: From € 18,130

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The Master of Practice and Strategic Marketing at the University of Cork School of Business will provide you with the skills and specialist knowledge to become a successful marketing leader. The one-year progressive program will build on knowledge and skills acquired at the undergraduate level improving employability through developing your ability to contribute to the real needs of the business community. The program will provide crucial practical experience through the completion of a consulting and applied research project in collaboration with an industry partner to develop strategic marketing instincts and creative skills, enhancing your professional experience and personal development. You will develop the cutting edge skills sought after in the workplace, including, for example, developing customer knowledge, active problem solving, and the application of digital marketing. The combined nature of the program will turn marketing graduates into marketing professionals with a variety of learning methods including live and negotiated signature-based projects, specialized workshops, simulation of marketing strategies, and practice-based marketing practices. industry.

Students take 90 credits. In Part I, students take the taught modules worth 70 credits. In Part II, from the beginning of April to the end of August, students will take applied research modules worth 20 credits. Places in the job placement option are limited and students will be ranked based on their success in the interview. Students not doing internships must complete the dissertation. The placement portfolio or dissertation must be submitted by the end of August.

Program Structure

Core modules: students earn 40 credits as follows:

  • BU6513 Business Case for Analytics (5 credits)
  • Business simulation model MG6406 (5 credits)
  • MG6413 Intercompany Relations Marketing Practice (5 credits)
  • Service Design MG6410 (5 credits)
  • MG6411 Theory and practice of consumer behavior (5 credits)
  • MG6415 Ethics and sustainability (5 credits)
  • BU6005 Applied research methods (5 credits)
  • BU6510 Professional development and research communication (5 credits)

Specialization modules : students take modules worth 20 credits as follows:

  • Digital Marketing Practice MG6414 (5 credits)
  • MG6407 International sales and negotiations (5 credits)
  • Marketing communications omnichannel MG6408 (5 credits)
  • MG6405 Applied Strategic Marketing (5 credits)
  • Project of applied research MG6825 (30 credits)

Course practices

The Master of Practice and Strategic Marketing is a 12-month, full-time program. The program will develop students’ critical thinking, research and communication skills and will uniquely feature consulting and blended learning projects as a vehicle for learning and as a means of developing more personal skills for future marketing careers. and consulting.

In Part I, you will need to be available to attend classes and seminars Monday through Friday (inclusive). During Part II of the course, you will either be in a full-time position or participate in full-time active research under the supervision of an academic mentor.

You will have formal hours of lectures, tutorials and workshops. Outside of this, you will have multiple project groups for different modules. You are expected to host group meetings, etc., outside of formal hours. You are also expected to read required texts and participate in independent study / research for modules when required.

Periodic leading-edge invited lectures from visiting speakers will be scheduled and, where possible, students will have access to advanced master classes on particular subject areas. Assessment throughout the program will be conducted through a combination of continuous assessment, in the form of individual assignments, group assignments, class presentations, and an applied research project, as well as written tests. Students will have the opportunity to shape their assignments and research projects according to their professional work or specific areas of interest.

Why choose this course

This program, open to business graduates, has been designed to enable students to develop advanced knowledge and understanding of contemporary strategic challenges faced by marketers and to provide professional marketing experience. It is the first and only university in Ireland to offer a Master of Practice and Strategic Marketing with both consulting and job placement options. The program will develop students’ critical thinking, research and communication skills and will uniquely feature consulting and blended learning projects as a vehicle for learning and as a means of developing more personal skills for future marketing careers. and consulting.

Special features

  • An advanced education in the principles, theoretical concepts and contemporary practice of strategic marketing, based on inquiry-based teaching.
  • Designed with top-level marketing professionals to bring you up-to-date knowledge and skills in strategic and practical marketing.
  • The opportunity to further develop a range of valuable personal skills for marketing careers: analytical skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking, communication skills, group work skills, IT skills and the ability to manage major market research projects.
  • Practical skills are developed through your participation in a live marketing consulting project designed with an external business client.
  • An opportunity for students to deepen their knowledge in particular functional areas of marketing, for example, digital marketing practice, customer relationship management, business-to-business marketing, direct and interactive marketing, and branding. </ li >
  • The use of interactive and blended teaching methods and the development of electronic portfolios.
  • Master classes with renowned industry partners provide insight into cutting edge marketing practices and innovative marketing techniques.
  • The culmination of the learning process is your opportunity to undertake an applied research project in collaboration with an industry partner.
  • An overarching goal is to transform marketing graduates into competent marketing professionals.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must normally have at least a Second Class Honors Grade 1 or equivalent in an elementary honors degree (NFQ, Level 8) in a relevant subject (eg, business, management, or marketing).

In exceptional circumstances, applicants who do not meet the above criteria but have three years of relevant professional experience may be considered under prior learning recognition (RPL), subject to approval by the Business School.

Since places are limited, a place in the program is not guaranteed to all eligible candidates. Participants will be selected based on the information provided in their application.

English requirements

All graduate applicants whose first language is not English must provide evidence of English language proficiency. Certain tests (eg, IELTS, TOEFL, and Pearson PTE) have a three-year time limit on their validity and will apply. English language tests must be taken no more than three years prior to the start of a program.

Please note that Secure English Language Test (SELT) scores must be obtained in a single session of the corresponding qualification (for example, IELTS and TOEFL). We will not accept a combination of individual component scores from multiple tests.

Applicants who are nationals of a country that, according to the UCC, is predominantly English-speaking, or who have a degree or equivalent qualification that was taught in a country that is considered predominantly English-speaking, will normally be assumed to have met the language requirements of the UCC. However, in some circumstances, applicants may be required to present evidence of an English language qualification to satisfy the college program entry requirements.

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