Diploma in International Business Management Co-op

Key Points

  • Work permit while you study

  • Labor practices included

  • Campus: Toronto / Vancouver

  • Start dates: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

  • Duration: 28 weeks (Daytime) / 88 weeks (Nighttime)

  • Type: Full Time

  • Hours: Day / Night

  • Tuition Fee: Starting at $ 10,575 CAD

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Graduates will gain an excellent understanding of the fundamentals of business management. This program prepares students to enter the world of business management and looks at the current global business environment. Students will discuss global issues, prepare presentations, do team projects, and expand their research skills.

Program results

  • Small interactive classes foster a dynamic participatory learning environment

  • Develop global business networks within our diverse classrooms

  • Learn from industry professionals with recent work experience and first-hand knowledge of business trends

  • Graduates of the program are eligible to apply for the Certificate in Supervisory Management from the Canadian Institute of Management

Program structure

The course provides students with an overview of business law and an understanding of basic legal terminology. Since contracts form the heart of business operations, a significant part of the course is devoted to contract law and various legal matters that arise from contract disputes. Class topics and discussions will be based on examples of current media reports on legal cases. Knowledge of the judicial system includes study tours to the courts of law.

This course introduces students to globalization and the value-added activities of business in today’s global economy. We discuss the impact of national cultures on business worldwide. Additionally, we examine external forces impacting businesses, international organizations, legal and labor forces in the global context. The course addresses strategic alliances and the impact of rapid environmental changes on strategic planning for international business.

This course introduces students to the concept of management by exploring the roles and functions of managers in a business environment. The purpose of the course is to improve students’ understanding of the elements of the management processes of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling organizational activities. The course is designed to build a knowledge base required in future management courses.

The ability to communicate well is an essential requirement for all employees in an organization. In this course we explore the importance of communication in business and intercultural environments; Students also compose various forms of written communication and prepare and deliver a formal business presentation.

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to marketing concepts and terminology. Examines the importance of marketing within organizations and society in general. Students will study the main components of a marketing plan, the marketing mix, and consumer relationships. They will learn to address the basic needs of companies in the planning, development and management of products, distribution channels, promotion and prices.

This course introduces students to the concepts of organizational behavior and its application in today’s business environments. Students will develop knowledge about how the behavior of individuals and groups impacts organizations. In addition, they will learn to apply the theories and concepts of organizational behavior to develop effective managerial competencies in areas such as teamwork, motivation, decision-making, and leadership.

The course is divided into 2 sections: Work Practice Skills (WPS) 1 and 2.

WPS 1 acts as an introduction to everything you need to know about living and working in Canada and assists students in the process of applying for a Social Security Number (SIN) . It also prepares students for the workplace, helping them apply for jobs and making sure their resumes and cover letters meet industry standards.

WPS 2 prepares students for their cooperative work experience and develops their networking skills.

During cooperative work placement, students will practice their skills at a local workplace in a position related to the specific goals of their program. Students will be required to complete work assignments assigned by the employer. Additionally, students are required to provide regular (monthly) feedback on their Greystone College placement experience, using prescribed reporting forms.

Admission requirements

  • Students who are interested in attending Greystone College must have a high school diploma, GED, or mature student status. For international students, a Bachelor’s degree taken in the country of origin will be necessary (for international students). The degree and grades must be officially translated into English.
  • All applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate an Advanced English 1 level with Greystone College’s online written and oral test.
  • All students must have their own device (tablet / phone / laptop) to access course materials through our Learning Management System (LMS).

Online written and oral test is exempt if TOEFL iBT 80, IELTS 6.5 or ILSC A1 is taken. If an applicant does not meet the minimum requirements, neither the institution nor the student can waive it.

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