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Apollo Language Center (Apollo) is an award-winning English school, with excellent centers in Dublin and Cork, and unique programs offering an unforgettable experience for its students.

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About Apollo Language Center

  • Apollo Language Center is an Eaquals accredited language school, which has achieved the highest international standards, verified by its demanding inspection scheme.

  • Their courses have been approved and included in ILEP (Provisional List of Eligible Programs), which is the list of visa eligible courses for non-European Union students and there is student protection insurance for students attending the Apollo courses listed in ILEP.

  • Apollo is the only Irish language school to have won the Junior Star Program for under 18s in the Study Travel Star Awards, voted by agents who send students abroad, for two consecutive years (2018 and 2019).

  • Apollo Language Center is located in the center of Dublin, a 5-minute walk from Grafton Street and St Stephen’s Green. The address at 5 Lad Lane, Dublin 2 is a very requested location because it is located right next to LinkedIn’s new European headquarters.

  • The school has 10 classrooms, all equipped with audiovisual equipment, a comfortable lounge, an outdoor area with tea / coffee, a quiet room for studying by
    afternoon and Wi-Fi for the use of computers, laptops / iPad.

  • Work-study programs are available to non-EU students and consist of 25 weeks of study plus 10 weeks of
  • Students can work part-time for the full 35 weeks and full-time for the 10 weeks of vacation.
  • Students booking this program must reserve a certification exam and medical insurance for the entire duration of their stay.
  • At Apollo, students are offered the option of booking the IELTS or Cambridge FCE / CAE exams and the exact exam is decided during the first week of the course at the school. Apollo is an IELTS exam center.
  • Over 18 years old.
  • Book a 25-week general English course.
  • Guarantee of funds of € 3,000
  • Medical insurance.

Possibility of working 20 hours / week in class periods and up to 40 hours / week in certain periods, such as summer or Christmas.

What does this allow you?

  • Generate income
  • Accelerate language learning, greater immersion in Irish life.
  • Improve your NETWORKING. Being able to have work experience abroad and establish contact networks is a differentiating value.

Type of job and salary

  • The minimum wage in Ireland is € 10.10 / hour.
  • You can get a job in all sectors, but a candidate’s employability and the time it takes depends on his or her experience, level of English and the determination in the search.
  • There is great demand for employment in all industries; especially in hotels and restaurants (hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc.) where there is room for any level of English and any degree of work experience.

Two accommodation possibilities with Apollo Languge Center:

  • In a student residence: Next to the Guinness factory and just 10 minutes walk from Temple Bar and 35 minutes walk (or 10 minutes by bus) from the school, the residence is located within the Digital Hub, the largest group of technology, digital media and the Internet. companies in Ireland.
  • With a host family: Host family accommodation for students over 16 years of age studying at the Apollo Adult School in Dublin is offered outside of Dublin, 30-45 minutes by public transport from school, in individual rooms. There are also double rooms and
    doubles for couples or friends traveling together.

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