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Greystone College is an international vocational training institution that provides quality programs to thousands of students in Australia, Canada and India. Whether you seek to improve your knowledge or that you are ready to start a new career, your passion is our potential at Greystone! Our goal is to provide you with the specialization and market skills you need to take the next step and give you a competitive advantage. By combining the theory with practical experience, our programs in high demand fields are selected with your future professional in mind. Give yourself with specific knowledge of an industry, with potential to obtain better salaries and renewed trust.

About Greystone College Canada

Study at one of our world-class locations in Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver while experiencing the best of Canada’s most beautiful and diverse cities. We offer flexible and comprehensive programs in Hospitality, Business, Interpretation and Translation or Teacher Training, which will allow you to embark on a new adventure and pursue the career you’ve always wanted.

Why Greystone College?

  • 3 amazing campuses in Canada: Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal

  • Important support for students

  • More than 15 years of experience

  • Programas de estudio y trabajo

  • Flexible start dates and times

  • Global Networking

  • Internationally recognized and award-winning schools

The students

  • Minimum age: 18 years

  • Business and hospitality focused programs available on all three campuses in Canada
  1. English requirement: PROLA (Pre-registration Online Language Assessment). Online exam before departure
  2. Submission of application and documentation:
    • Application form
    • Bachelor’s or university degree certificate
    • Copy of passport

At the same time that students receive a study permit, they receive a work permit of 20h/week during school term and 40h/week during the holiday period.


  • Gain professional experience while studying.
  • Earn your own income.
  • Make the request to the institution
  • Pay for the program
  • After receiving the acceptance letter from the institution, request the study authorization
  • Comply with all requirements required by Canadian authorities

The process can take 3 to 4 months.

  • Homestay Accommodation
  • Accommodation in student residence
  • Student condo

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