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Nestled among some of North America’s leading companies and organizations

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At Toronto School of Management (TSoM) we offer a variety of prestigious diplomas and programs in fields such as business , hospitality , big data , cybersecurity , digital marketing and accounting .

In addition, many of our programs offer internships with recognized companies to make it easier for students to enter the world of work after graduation, as they will have extensive work experience in a variety of sectors.

Nestled among some of North America’s leading businesses and organizations, the school offers an ideal environment for students who want to immerse themselves in a dynamic business community and diverse cultural activities.

The focus of the programs offered by TSoM is towards hands-on learning, which provides the student with skills that will fully prepare him for the world of work. By participating in the work experience with the companies associated with the school, students will be able to apply the theories they learned in class, in a real workplace and see how decisions are made and solutions are reached.

Why study at TSOM?

  • Expert teachers who support the development of their students: The TSoM teaching team has experienced professionals with great knowledge of the industry, willing to share it with their students, offering their full support and verifying their progress frequently.
  • Internship programs that link academics with real work: Most diplomas offered by TSoM include on-the-job training, integrating classroom studies, with directly supervised and practical work experience related to the academic and professional goals of the students. TSoM guarantees that all students participating in professional internships will have a location in the relevant field for their study program.
  • Convenient downtown Toronto location: The school is conveniently located on a main subway line, close to a mix of commercial, residential, and commercial spaces, ensuring that everything students need be close.
  • Focus on the student experience: The school constantly checks the performance and satisfaction of its students to ensure that its program meets their academic and personal development needs and remains relevant to the demands of the business world.
  • State-of-the-art facilities: Spacious, air-conditioned classrooms are equipped with the latest in multimedia technology, Internet connections and audio equipment that provide an optimal learning environment. The student will be able to use the computers and free WiFi to complete their class assignments and communicate with their friends and family.


  • It is the financial and business capital of the country

  • Number 4 in the ranking of cities with economic influence and job growth

  • Considered one of the best cities to live due to its high quality of life

  • The population is very intercultural (almost 3 million inhabitants are immigrants)

  • It offers a multicultural environment, with a variety of artistic and sporting events throughout the year

  • Approximate Salary 15 CAD / Hour

About TSOM

  • Private college

  • Institution focused mainly on Business, hospitality and tourism, marketing, Data Analysis and Accounting </ Strong>

  • Located in the “downtown” of the city, within the financial district and surrounded by the main attractions of the city

  • Students leave with the knowledge of the specific technological tools of each branch of studies, tools that are requested by employers

  • International students of more than 80 nationalities

  • Teachers who, while giving classes, work in real companies and apply their knowledge directly to their students


  • Collaboration between the institution and real companies of great prestige

  • Location Guarantee in Professional Practices

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  • More than 100 agreements with companies to carry out the internships

  • Possibility of remunerated practices


  • Start date: January, March, May, July, September and November * Dates may depend on each program

  • Minimum age: 18 years

Available scholarships 

Applicable for students from Latin America.

  • Study programs
    • Business – Business Administration Diploma / Business Management Diploma / Digital Marketing Diploma / Certificate in Essential Business
    • Hospitality and Tourism – Diploma in Hospitality Management / Diploma in Hospitality Fundamentals / Advanced Diploma in Hotel Management / Certificate of Excellence in Customer Services
    • Big Data – Data Analysis
    • IT – Diploma in Cybersecurity
    • Accounting – ACCA Preparatory Course
  • Pathway
    • Transfer of credits obtained in TSOM programs to the program of another university in Canada
  • Fast Track
    • Program offered by The Language Gallery for those who need a previous course to obtain the required language level
  • Be a Baccalaureate graduate
  • Transcripts of the country of origin translated into English
  • Copy of passport
  • Medical insurance
  • Study permit (required documents provided by TSoM together with TLG)
  • Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) with a minimum score of 15
  • 18 years or older
  • IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent for candidates who are not native English speakers
  • Request study permit from Canadian authorities
  • In general, only public institutions offer the possibility of applying for a work permit
  • To obtain a work permit upon graduation, students generally choose to enter a public institution or, if they are lucky, they can get a job on their own (as long as they find an employer willing to hire them)
  • During the program you can work part time (20 hours / week) and during rest periods full time (40 hours / week)
  • Host family accommodation
  • Accommodation in student residence
  • Student condominium
  • Airport pickup

Academic offer 


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