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The Universidad Anáhuac Cancún is an institution of higher education that, as a community of teachers and students, seeks in everything the truth and the good, and is committed to the integral formation of people who exercise their leadership and thus contribute to the Christian transformation of the society and culture.

The Anáhuac University Network is the set of higher education institutions that share an identity and an educational model of their own and collaborate closely in multiple fields to ensure the fulfillment of the mission: to promote consolidation, optimize operations and enhance the growth of its members. , as well as to promote its expansion and alliance with other institutions.

About Anahuac

  • Founded in 1964, it currently has 8 campuses throughout Mexico.

  • It is one of the 3 universities with the best employability in the country.

  • It is currently positioned within the 2% of the best universities in the world and in the top 3 of the best universities in Mexico.

  • The academic staff has excellent preparation, international recognition and high quality.

Why Anáhuac Cancun?

To be the most recognized International University in Cancun and the Caribbean.

  • It stands out in the top 3 of the best private universities in Mexico.

  • 3500 students make academic life in their classrooms.

  • International campus: students of 42 nationalities coexist.

  • Academic excellence accredited and evaluated nationally and internationally

  • Extensive academic catalog: 38 Bachelor’s Degrees, 16 Master’s and Postgraduate Degrees and 41 Diplomas and courses are taught

Studying at the Cancun campus of the Anahuac University represents an extraordinary opportunity for the student to develop in a competitive environment, which is governed by high quality standards in all areas.

Cancun, the most important tourist destination in Mexico, was founded on April 20, 1970. The whole world recognizes it for its unique natural setting, for the rapid growth it has experienced as a city and for its world-class infrastructure that attracts not only tourists, but businessmen from various fields and a large number of university students.

The Anáhuac 2025 Educational Model has been designed to contribute to the fulfillment of the Anáhuac training promise, that is, to offer a comprehensive training to its students, which covers the professional, intellectual, human, social and spiritual dimensions, and prepares them to be leaders of positive action, willing to serve others and positively transform their environment.

Comprehensive training places the student at the center of the training process, promoting their potential and the full and harmonious development of all their faculties.

The Anahuac training offers students an excellent academic preparation and the necessary support to guide their life and the exercise of their profession in the search for their own good and the common good, and find in it an authentic personal, family, professional fulfillment and contribute for social and community development.

  • A vision of the human person founded on the dignity and centrality of him. Every man by his nature is capable of knowing the truth and freely seeking the good.
  • A deeply human and social vision of the profession and work, as a means of personal development and service to the family and society.
  • A healthy critical vision of cultural development and society to be inserted in it in a constructive way.
  • An ultimate meaning of one’s life, which leads the person to give the right value to all temporal realities.
  • A deep conviction that human reason is capable of knowing reality, as a presupposition of every effort for the objective, reasoned and systematic search for the truth.
  • A knowledge and experience in a convinced way of one’s own faith, and a respectful vision of human religiosity.
  • A capacity for influence and leadership in the life of the family, in the work structures and in the sociocultural environment itself.
  • A solid moral formation that serves as guidance in the exercise of the profession and throughout life.
  • A professional training of excellence, avant-garde and high academic quality.
  • An oral and written communication skills, respectful and true.

Chetumal- Cancun Highway Mz. 2 SM. 299 MZ.8 Lt. 1. Benito Juárez, Cancun Quintana Roo. C.P. 77565

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