BSc in Psychology

Key Points

  • Work permit while you study

  • Post Graduation Work Permit for 24 months

  • Start dates: September / March

  • Duration: 3 years

  • Level 8 qualification

  • Type: Full Time
  • Hours: Daytime
  • Enrollment Fee: From € 12,300 / year

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Globalization is making our society increasingly mobile, different worlds of thought and values ​​collide, and processes are becoming more complex. Psychologists are concerned with the experience and behavior of people in their different living conditions and can use their specialized knowledge to explain and predict complex problems and decisively improve processes with their clients. During their psychology studies, our students acquire knowledge and skills that prepare them for the job of their dreams. This includes activities such as:

  • Counseling the mentally and physically ill (eg, outpatient facilities)
  • Diagnostics as part of verification activities (for example, in court)
  • Therapeutic work with the mentally and physically ill in (rehabilitation) clinics (for example, as a pain therapist)
  • Prevention and intervention measures (for example, to health insurance companies)
  • Recruitment, selection of personnel and staff development (for example, in medium-sized or large companies)
  • Health management and stress prevention company
  • Working with children and young people (for example, at school or in free time)
  • Research activities (for example, in non-university research institutions)
  • Market research and advertising activities
  • Health and consulting activities
  • Activities to shape sustainable consumer behavior
  • Environmental protection activities initiatives
  • Tasks of environmental policy

The University of Europe for Applied Sciences has more than 10 years of experience in business psychology and is considered a pioneer in the private university sector. These experiences also flow into our Bachelor of Psychology B.Sc. one offered without NC (Numerus Clausus).

In the Bachelor of Psychology, you will learn exclusively from renowned professors of science and practice who can demonstrate expert knowledge in areas such as clinical psychology, industrial psychology, or business psychology. In addition, you can actively shape your studies and career path through individually selectable specializations and an interdisciplinary selection of subjects. The focus of our teaching is your individual support in small learning groups and a friendly family environment. A lot of hands-on projects with top partners and a trained hands-on semester. complete the course offer and prepare yourself perfectly for the job market of tomorrow.

Our curriculum is based on the requirements of EuroPsy (certification system of the European umbrella organization of psychologists; European Federation of Psychological Associations, EFPA). With this you will be able to subsequently acquire the EuroPsy certificate after you have completed a wide variety of professional qualification measures, one of which is the course of study, which certifies that you have relevant specialist skills throughout Europe.

The Bachelor of Psychology can be started in the winter and summer semesters. In both cases, the same course content is available to students in core subjects, methods, and application. However, there are differences in the structure of the schedule. The courses are attended together with older (earlier) and younger (later enrolled) fellow students so that students can encourage and support each other.

Courses and semester abroad

We teach the fundamentals and relevant psychological methods in the areas of general and biological psychology, social, personality and developmental psychology.

Application-related topics are transmitted in particular in the field of diagnostics, as well as in the subjects of specialization clinical and health psychology, work / organizational / business psychology or environmental psychology. In our courses, we combine theoretical knowledge and its practical application and support it with the findings of current research.

The connection between theory and practice is important to us and we pass it on through practical teaching with case studies, experienced teachers, and an internship with integrated coaching in the fifth semester. In this way, you can optimally qualify for the different fields of activity according to your individual interest focus.

Career opportunities

After studying psychology, you will find career prospects as a psychologist in the following areas:

  • Counseling for people with mental and physical illnesses (for example, in outpatient centers)
  • Diagnosis as part of the activities of the experts
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic work with people with mental and physical illnesses in (rehabilitation) clinics
  • Prevention and intervention measures (for example, with health insurance companies
  • Recruitment, selection of personnel and staff development (for example, in medium-sized or large companies)
  • Company health management and stress prevention
  • Working with children and adolescents (for example, at school or in free time)
  • Market research and advertising activities
  • Health and consulting activities
  • Activities to shape sustainable consumer behavior
  • Activities in environmental protection initiatives
  • Tasks of environmental policy

Study in the EU in Germany

We emphasize internationality. That is why we rank among the top 25 in student mobility and international orientation worldwide (U-Multirank 2018). Our many international students come from all over the world to obtain a highly valued German qualification (recognized by the state and ZEvA) which is taught entirely in English.

Germany, known as the land of innovators, is the perfect place to earn your degree. Germany is a particularly safe and livable country with relatively low tuition fees and affordable living costs.

That is why we encourage international students to come here and study with us. You can apply with your national school degree now. We will then review your application and guide you through the process.

Tuition and funding fees

As a private university, we are not funded by the state, but by tuition fees. Therefore, studying at the European University of Applied Sciences (EU) costs more than at a public university. But it’s worth it: EU graduates meet the essential requirements of design majors, and this sets them apart from graduates of many public universities.

All costs are included in the monthly tuition.

No additional costs such as tuition fees, exam fees, bachelor thesis fees or the like will be incurred as long as the course is completed within the standard study period.

The costs of the semester abroad are not included in these fees, since there are substantial differences depending on the country and the university.

Admission requirements

Students must meet the following requirements to qualify for a bachelor’s program:

  • High school diploma or equivalent occupational diploma, incl. experience
  • Entrance examination
  • Personal interview
  • IELTS: Overall Band Score of 5.5There is no limit to the number of students that can be admitted (numerus clausus).

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