Master of Computing

Key Points

  • Work permit while you study

  • Post Graduation Work Permit for 24 months

  • Start dates: September

  • Duration: 1 year

  • Level 9 qualification

  • Type: Full Time
  • Hours: Daytime
  • Enrollment Fee: From € 17,000 / year

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The M.Sc. in Computing offers a variety of specializations, designed to equip graduates with a variety of cutting-edge skills, enabling them to produce high-quality software and systems that provide solutions to business and the economy.

Program description

The Master of Computer Science offers a selection of specialties, designed to equip graduates with a variety of cutting-edge skills, enabling them to produce high-quality software and systems that provide solutions to business and the economy.

The program’s strong hands-on approach culminates in a project, carried out during the summer months. Typically, students will develop a prototype software system in their core area that focuses on a real-world problem. They can also analyze processes or techniques, and propose and evaluate alternatives.

Students can also be sponsored by external clients or develop their own ideas. Projects typically start with a feasibility study, followed by the creation of a project plan and the development of a software application or rigorous theoretical analysis.

Over the duration of the program, students will develop skills to improve employment in several key areas. These include:

  • Proven capacity enhancement for the software engineer
  • Improved knowledge of operating systems and networks
  • Development of strong team skills, developed through meaningful project work during the course.
  • Improved communication skills through scheduled presentations for teachers and peers
  • Better understanding of the business and social context of their work and knowledge of new directions.
  • Development of research skills that allow the contribution of new ideas, methods and tools to new challenges in their professional careers.

Career options

The Master of Computing (with specialization), MCM, aims to help meet the industry demand for recruiting staff with significant exposure to advanced and relevant topics in computing. The MCM program is suitable for both experienced professionals and recent graduates. It enables software professionals with several years of experience to improve their proficiency in a variety of key disciplines in the field and upgrade their skills beyond the limited scope of training courses.

It also supports recent graduates in computer science and related disciplines to gain specialized knowledge and skills to enter high-level industry early in their careers.

Program structure

During semesters, students complete an integrated group of taught modules, as follows: Students take designated core modules in their chosen subdiscipline (specialization) to gain specialized experience necessary. In some cases, elective modules from non-core areas of interest may also be offered.

DCU’s new master of technology major in Cloud Computing provides comprehensive knowledge and skills in international priority areas such as cloud architecture, cloud security, mining data and networks.

The program gives students the flexibility to select additional options and specialize in their chosen area by completing a major technical research project in the cloud.

This program will provide trained and technology-aware experts to meet the growing national needs in cloud computing technologies, with the ability to implement solutions that take advantage of technical and economic advantages of cloud computing. IBM is DCU’s strategic business partner for the MCM (Cloud) program.

This restructuring of a popular program aims to equip software engineering professionals with additional cutting-edge skills to produce high-quality software and systems that deliver value to businesses. and the economy. Program participants also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base by selecting options, which enhance their appreciation of the latest ideas and allow them to advance and diversify their caregiver in a rapidly changing industry.

Technologies such as the Internet, sensor networks, social networks and cloud computing are generating quintillion bytes of data per day, from which gems of knowledge can be extracted to improve processes and generate value. This specialization, taught in conjunction with leading industry players, builds on the school’s long-term experience in DA ( ModSci Group ), as well as their recent participation in the SFI-funded center ( INSIGHT ), and aims to provide students with a deep understanding of the problems, techniques, and tools required to sift through large amounts of raw data and extract meaningful information. Students are presented with the challenges of dealing with large, heterogeneous data sources and scientific methods to extract practical insights from them.

In recent years, technologically competent criminals have increasingly exploited new technologies in committing crimes. Investigating this crime has led to the emergence of a key specialization, called “computer forensics”, which involves the detection, storage, analysis and display of digital evidence in a legally admissible manner. This specialization equips graduates to carry out this sophisticated technical work, while exploring effective methods to aid in the prevention of such crime.

Admission requirements

  • To enter this program, candidates must have an undergraduate degree with honors in Computer Science, Computing, or Computer Applications.
  • For international candidates, the foreign equivalent is required. In addition, an officially translated degree will be required.
  • IELTS 6.5, with no less than 6.0 in any component (or its internationally recognized equivalent).

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