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English Language Institute (ELI Schools), an ELT provider based in Ireland, has announced the opening of a new school in Dublin city center at the end of August. The new Dame Street campus will open on August 30 and is located just steps from Trinity College in the city center. ELI Dublin Dame Street has 20 classrooms and a capacity of 300 students and facilities including student lounges with table tennis tables and a coffee dock. Launched in Dublin in 2017, ELI Schools expanded with a second location [...]

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Student Leap Card is a transport card with which you can save money. As a student of an English course, you are eligible for this benefit. You can obtain this student card, which has a value of € 10 by clicking on the following link where you will find the form online: You can also purchase it in person at an office inside Trinity College. You only need to bring your letter from the school, passport and € 10. Delivery is immediate. HOW AND WHERE IS THE SURCHARGE? It is recharged at the stores that have the card's logo, [...]

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Irish Residence Permit or Garda National Immigration Bureau , is a certificate that indicates that you are registered with Irish immigration. But what exactly does this certificate allow you? As a student and hiring a 25-week general English course, this certificate will allow you to study and work. It is a laminated card that contains basic information about you. This includes: Name Type of stamp you count (Stamp 2 for students) A microchip with the content of your photo, your fingerprints and the information mentioned above. GNIB IRP: What requirements do you need to apply? Financial support 3000 euros is [...]

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Drogheda is one of the oldest cities in Ireland, located north of Dublin and also the birthplace of the great actor Pierce Brosnan, who played James Bond in several films . If you visit Ireland or if you study at our ELI SCHOOLS, you should not miss these wonderful places: Mellifont Abbey Mellifoont Abbey was the first abbey of the Cistercian order to be built in Ireland and founded in 1142. Located near Drogheda in County Louth, it is on the banks of the Mattock River, about 10 km northwest of Drogheda If you saw the Movie Brave Heart , this [...]

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You may have never heard of Dundalk, but we encourage you to keep reading so that you can discover why Dundalk is the best decision you can make. Dundalk is a city located in the northeast of Ireland in County Louth, between the two capitals of the country - Dublin and Belfast. Although this city is not well known, it is an area in which large multinationals have settled in recent years, making Dundalk a city with strong economic connections between the north and south of Ireland where good job opportunities can be found. . The cost of living is up [...]

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Although it is not the capital of Canada, Toronto is the most important and popular city in the country. Despite being a city of almost 3 million people, Toronto is made up of a multitude of neighborhoods, each with its own style and way of life. Toronto has all the amenities, attractions and activities of a big city, but also the cozy small town atmosphere that each neighborhood offers. Toronto has great weather in the summer, so it offers plenty of outdoor activities. A great variety of gastronomic and cultural festivals are held here. In winter, most of the activities of [...]

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Vancouver , the largest coastal city in British Columbia, is Canada's third most populous city and offers a laid-back West Coast urban entertainment arena filled with glass towers framed by oceans and mountains. It is, above all, recognized for its natural beauty and its cultural diversity. Vancouver has been named the third most livable city in the world by The Economist and that livability becomes evident as you stroll through the bustling and picturesque city. Whether you are walking through its green parks, surrounded by nature, or immersed in modern architectural works, or practicing an outdoor activity such as kayaking, [...]

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