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ELI Schools

Schools recognized by the Irish Government to teach classes to international students applying for Study and Work Permits (ILEP)

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About ELI Schools

  • Beautiful schools, with excellent locations: one in Dublin and one in Drogheda, a city 40 minutes north of the capital.

  • Schools recognized by the Irish Government to teach classes to international students applying for Study and Work Permits (ILEP)
  • Qualified native teachers.
  • Programs of 15 or 20 hours / week in shifts a.m. and p.m.
  • Excellent quality support services: Transfers, accommodation and support, student welfare, orientation and social program, job clinics, registration service for certification exams, 24/7 emergency line, among many others.

Ideal for students who want to make significant improvements in their level of English, while experiencing authentic Irish life.

  • Our academic year program includes 25 weeks of tuition leading to a globally recognized exit exam with a permit of study and work for 8 months. The course is designed to ensure that students complete the program at least one level higher than their entry level.
  • This program has a cyclical start, so students can start any Monday.
  • All students enrolled in this program have the right to work 20 hours a week during the course and for the duration of the visa. Students are also entitled to work full time, but this is limited to 8 weeks and only for a defined period that runs from June to September and from December 15 to January 15.
  • Students They must be 18 years old before the course start date and have a minimum level of A1 (Elementary) in English.
  • Over 18 years old.
  • There is no need for a previous level of English.
  • Take a 25-week general English course.
  • Guarantee of funds of € 3,000
  • One week accommodation guarantee.
  • Medical insurance.

Possibility of working 20 hours / week in class periods and up to 40 hours / week in certain periods, such as summer or Christmas.

What does this allow you? < / p>

  • Generate income
  • Accelerate language learning, greater immersion in Irish life.
  • Improve your NETWORKING. It is a differentiating value to be able to have work experience abroad and establish contact networks.

Type of work and salary

    < li> The minimum wage in Ireland is € 10.10 / hour.
  • You can find work in all sectors, but the employability of a candidate and the time it takes depends on their experience, English proficiency and determination to search.
  • There is great demand for employment in all industries; especially in hotels and restaurants (hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc.) where there is room for any level of English and any degree of work experience.

Three possibilities of accommodation:

  • In a host family
  • In a student residence
  • On your own.
  • The Irish government requires that you have at least one week’s accommodation tied up when entering the country. After this period, most of our students become independent
    and look for a room shared with other students, in areas of their choice

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