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At Workd and Study we advise you throughout the process to help you choose the perfect institution in Canada that suits your professional goals. With our experience in admissions in Canada, getting your admission to the best colleges and universities will be really easy and safe.

Trebas Institute

Canadian College of Technology and Business

Toronto School of Management

Niagara College Canada

University Canada West


Learn about the opportunities CANADA offers you to improve your quality of life, acquire specific knowledge and gain professional experience.


Have you ever imagined studying in dream countries like Canada? Its nature, quality of life and study and work opportunities make Canada the ideal destination to live your experience.

Education in Canada has a great reputation, studies conducted in Canada are recognized around the world for their quality and excellence throughout the education sector.

The United Nations (UN) has rated Canada among the 10 best countries to live in thanks to its education system, life expectancy and low levels of crime and violence.

Canada offers a safe environment for international students. You can go out alone or with friends, enjoy the nightlife, attend events, do outdoor activities, sports, use public transport, visit places of interest and travel to other cities with complete peace of mind and safety.

Cities like Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto have earned recognition as world-class cities to live in due to their safety, cultural activities, and cleanliness.

Canada not only has cutting-edge technology in various sectors, it is also a leading country in the development of new technologies. This gives you the opportunity to harness your creativity and knowledge. Colleges and universities offer specialties in Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Engineering and other technological areas.

It is a bilingual nation with two official languages, English and French.

Canadians enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world. Its main cities – Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto – have been recognized as world-class places to live and work thanks to their cleanliness, safety and wide cultural offerings.

In order to study and work in Canada, the participant must apply for a Student Visa, which is ideal if you want to study for more than 6 months and work since, with this visa, you can emigrate to Canada for a period of 6 months to 5 years. Once your plane lands, the Canadian government will give you an authorization to work 20 hours per week during the school period and full time (40 hours) during the holidays.

To access higher studies, there are general requirements to meet regarding the entry level of the participants, according to the area of study and institution to which the students apply. The common thing is that a B2 level of English is required to access higher education study programs.

If the student does not yet have the level to apply, they must do a preparatory English course and pre-University (Pathway Program) during which they will not be able to work.

Upon graduation, you can get a work permit, but this time full-time. The length of this permit varies depending on the duration of your university study.

The climate in Canada is quite varied. There is usually cold and snow in winter and heat in summer. In coastal cities like Vancouver the climate is much milder than in the interior or in the mountains, where freezing temperatures are common in the mountains.

Being in an unfamiliar country can be very difficult and adjusting to a new lifestyle is not something that many can achieve, but in Canada, people will make you feel at home. Being a country of immigrants and with a wide variety of cultures, Canadians welcome foreigners with open arms and teach them their customs so that they feel that they never left their home and fully enjoy the wonders of living in Canada.

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world because it not only has many national parks, homes of incredible ecosystems, but also modern cities full of culture and fun. We know that studying and working in Canada means visiting many new places and, therefore, we invite you to visit the main cities of the Canadian territory.



Canada is a multicultural country woven like a pacthwork quilt by a wide range of influences, customs and traditions. Proud of that hodgepodge, Canadians pride themselves on being citizens of the second largest country in the world, and one of the most open and tolerant. Every year, when the long winter gives way to good weather, festivals of all kinds flourish in the country. In Montreal you can attend the most important jazz festival in the country in June while in Halifax one of the most important comic festivals in the world takes place. In summer, the LGBT pride parade has become a landmark in Toronto, among others.


We have direct links to a variety of college study options, including full-process counseling and direct admission, helping students receive a quality, life-changing education.

Our partnership with more than 1,200 universities around the world creates wonderful opportunities for students, educational agents, sponsors, and more.

Work And Study has financing plans and payment facilities.

Upon arrival, we will provide you with the necessary support, since we have a physical presence in Canada for your well-being.

More than 10,000 students have trusted us.


Forget the hassle of paperwork and application forms, at Work and Study we take care of that and make your entire process transparent and hassle-free. Our experienced Work and Study consultants will be available for any questions or clarifications during and after your academic investment.

Our experienced consultants will handle the entire application process with all necessary documents. We monitor the status of your application and keep you informed regularly. Getting the admission letter for you will be a simple task.

At Work and Study we will also help you finance your studies through our associated financial institutions. Our experienced consultants will review the profiles of all your sponsors and provide you with financial advice to choose the right educational loan provider, prepare the necessary documents and acquire the student loan.

Comfort and accessibility are our priority and we can provide you with the tools you need to find accommodation during the course. We can advise you to find the best accommodation deals that suit your pocket and your needs.


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