Ireland is known to be one of the top destinations for international students globally. It is characterized by being one of the safest countries in the world, by the kindness of its inhabitants, by its dazzling nature and, above all, because it offers countless jobs in a wide variety of sectors, such as Engineering or Tourism.

Why Ireland?

  • It is the door to Europe and America
  • The only English-speaking country in Europe with a predominantly young population.
  • It is one of the most beautiful, picturesque and safest countries in the world. Its people are welcoming and hospitable.
  • It has a thriving economy: it has the highest GDP per capita in Europe, after Luxembourg.
  • It facilitates the entry of foreigners by issuing study and work permits with minimum requirements, without the need for a visa from most Latin American countries.
  • Hub of Europe in terms of technology companies, health, etc.
  • Within the Top 10 of the best educational systems worldwide. Educational programs at affordable prices
  • Wide variety of job opportunities
  • Highest minimum wage in Europe – & gt; € 10.10 per hour
  • Minimum salary for a graduate in Ireland is € 35,000
  • Possibility of working while you study
  • Work permit for 1 year after graduating from a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Work permit for 2 years after graduating from a Master’s Degree

Immigrate to Ireland

Ways to legally reside and work in the country:

  1. Studying an English course. Maximum for 2 years, possibility of working part-time during the entire stay and full-time in specific periods.
  2. Study a professional career, master’s or postgraduate degree. It grants the possibility of working while studying (part-time and full-time in designated periods), and upon graduation, full-time for two years.
  3. Being sponsored by a company to obtain a work permit. There are 2 types of permissions:
  • Critical Skills: Professionals considered critically important to the growth of Ireland’s economy.
  • General Work Permit: The state specifies eligible occupations.

Study and work in Ireland

  • Opportunity to learn or improve English
  • Cultural exchange: get to know the Irish country, culture and traditions
  • Connect with students from other countries
  • Opportunity to travel and explore other European cities
  • Opportunity to work while you study
  • Extend your stay in Ireland (renewal): study English or access higher studies (careers or masters) to expand your professional profile.

English in Ireland

  • Quality programs at competitive prices
  • Study and work permits (20 hours / week and 40 hours / week at specific times of the year) for students who contract programs of more than 12 weeks duration.
  • Opportunity to maintain immigration status (student entitled to part-time work) for up to two years.
  • Requirements and simple procedures to be carried out upon arrival in the country (without the need to apply for a visa from the country of origin, for most of the territories in Latin America)

English schools in Ireland

Higher Studies in Ireland

One of the most popular alternatives among students that:

  • They have already completed the period allowed for English studies (2 years)
  • They have a High Intermediate (B2) level of English and want to bet on building a professional profile with quality programs, at a good price.

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