The annual tuition fees for the undergraduate programs at Griffith College are € 12,000.

Tuition fees for Master’s programs at Griffith College are € 14,000.

There are mandatory positions established by each institution. In the case of Griffith, annually, in addition to the tuition, you must pay:

  • Registration fee € 250
  • Support fee for international students € 200 academic.
  • Protection of the registered student fee € 245 Compulsory fee each academic year calculated as 2% of the total tuition, plus the registration fee before the scholarship.

On the other hand, it is a requirement to have health insurance that covers your stay in the country on an annual basis.

Tuition payments are made directly to the institution. The bank details of the institution and the amount to be paid will be reflected in the initial offer letter.

For the payment of tuition, through bank transfer or deposit to the destination account of the institution.

Non-EU international students applying from abroad must pay tuition in full.

All these steps should be channeled through your educational advisor.

All these steps should be channeled through your educational advisor.

The restrictions stipulated by each institution apply. Regularly, if the cancellation is prior to the start of the course, all registration fees are refunded and there will be an administrative management penalty. If it is canceled once the course has started, the case will be evaluated individually by the institution and there will be a formal response according to the causes of cancellation or postponement.

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