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Established in 1983, Dorset College is an independent third level institution located in Dublin 1. Housed in beautiful Georgian buildings, with elegant and spacious rooms, we offer a learning environment where you can take academic, professional or short course opportunities with a career path. to shape your future career. Our graduates work in many of the leading industries in Ireland and abroad.

Why not show your potential and enrich your learning experience in a culturally diverse learning community? A friendly and welcoming student-centered learning environment with a personalized approach to education, allowing you to maximize your career potential as your confidence in developing a viable career path with excellent opportunities for progression increases.

Our dedicated team of academic faculty and staff will inspire and challenge you to meet emerging challenges in the global business environment.

We are a designated educational institute of Quality & amp; Qualifications Ireland (QQI). We are also accredited by CIPD, PMI PMP®, CISCO, Microsoft and ICS.

Reasons for choosing us

  • Skills Employers Need.
    We are committed to enriching your learning experience with the opportunity to develop your academic or professional qualifications through a career path that meets your interests and aspirations in your chosen career.
  • Support staff and teachers.
    A highly qualified and experienced industry staff and conference team that will support you and prepare you to meet the professional and personal challenges you will face in the future .

  • Driving innovation.
    An environment that aims to educate students, who, as graduates, will demonstrate the capacity for individual effort, critical thinking, creativity, innovation, and a commitment to lifelong learning.

  • Diversity.
    Be part of a culturally diverse group of students from around the world while unleashing your learning potential with small classes, a diverse student community, and enjoying extracurricular activities.

  • Student experience .
    We strive to ensure that our students are empowered to discover their true potential, to direct their own futures, and to clearly articulate how their college experience has made them confident and well-rounded.

  • International perspective .
    A friendly and welcoming student-centered learning environment where you will make friends, make connections, learn about the world, and become a truly global citizen.
  • Great city for students .
    Dublin is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with many cultural attractions, social activities: restaurants, music venues, art galleries, theaters and museums. It is a safe place to live and you can explore the many tourist destinations with easy access to transport networks to all parts of the island of Ireland.

  • Our business partners .
    With close ties to the business world, we provide opportunities to our graduates through professional fairs and visits to major international organizations; many of our graduates work in leading industries in Ireland and abroad.

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