What is the IRP – GNIB?

What is the IRP – GNIB?

Irish Residence Permit or Garda National Immigration Bureau , is a certificate that indicates that you are registered with Irish immigration. But what exactly does this certificate allow you?

As a student and hiring a 25-week general English course, this certificate will allow you to study and work.

It is a laminated card that contains basic information about you. This includes:

  • Name
  • Type of stamp you count (Stamp 2 for students)
  • A microchip with the content of your photo, your fingerprints and the information mentioned above.


IRP: What requirements do you need to apply?

Financial support

  • 3000 euros is required as evidence of funds.
  • This is proof that you can support yourself during your stay in Ireland.
  • You can prove it with a bank statement or by cash (exchanged for a check in the post).

Proof of Irish residency

  • It could be a utility bill.
  • Once you open a bank account, a statement can be used as proof of address.

Letter from your school to GNIB

  • An acceptance letter stating that you are registered in an English school.
  • This letter also establishes the requirements to obtain a student immigration card

Medical insurance

  • It is included in the package contracted with the school.
  • Usually delivered a few days before your trip to Ireland

Rate 300 euros

  • This can be paid by Visa or debit card when registering. They do not accept cash.

Stamp 2 (Students)

Indicates permission to study a full-time course, under the modality of courses authorized by ILEP . ( Provisional list of eligible programs ).

Which allows you to work at a job for a maximum of 20 hours during school hours and 40 hours during vacations.

  • You cannot receive benefits or use public funds from other services (ex: public hospitals).

Cases in which it would apply

  • Study an approved English course
  • Study a degree / degree
  • Study a master / postgraduate

More information: Everything you need to know about the GNIB

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