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The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (EU) educates the designers and decision makers of tomorrow in the fields of:

  • Artistic design
  • Business
  • Sports, media and events.

The European University of Applied Sciences (EU) is part of Global University Systems. The university promotes the future-oriented development of interdisciplinary teaching formats and skills in line with current practice and in accordance with the highest international standards at locations in Berlin, Berlin-Potsdam and Hamburg.

Through the interaction between creative, entrepreneurial and digital thinking, as well as an international perspective, the various fields of study enrich each other and offer new approaches in teaching and research adapted to the requirements of Job Market 4.0.

Founded for the first time as an independent university in 2006, BTK is today part of the Europe University for Applied Sciences (EU) and is known as a meeting point for the young talents and innovators of the design and art of tomorrow. Here we provide an environment in which students and teachers from all over the world are encouraged to develop new ideas and discover their full artistic potential.

Laying the foundations of an exciting and creative career.

About UE for Applied Sciences

  • Unique international networks. Make the world your campus and study at the European University of Applied Sciences (EU) as part of a global network. We invite you to experiment during your studies, explore new paths and find inspiration around the world. Benefit from, for example:

    • Integrated semesters abroad
    • International speakers
    • Cross-border global conferences
    • International practical projects and study tours
    • Intercultural exchange with students and teachers.
    • More than 100 nations represented on our campus
  • Individual development, interdisciplinary learning. At the European University of Applied Sciences (EU) we offer an environment that demands and encourages innovative ideas and allows you to look to the horizon.

    Successful designers work with other disciplines. The diversity of medical environments and opportunities results in increased interdisciplinary cooperation. Sophisticated, goal-oriented solutions require a combination of new technologies, artistic practices, research-based methods, and business thinking.

    As one of the few universities, we offer programs in the broad fields of art, design, technology / digital media, and entrepreneurship. So you have the opportunity to take project modules from many other programs, such as Illustration, Motion & Film Design, Photography, or Game Design. So you can complete your creative profile and position yourself well in the job market.

  • Study with professionals in an innovative environment. Successful artists and designers are not only creative, but also entrepreneurial. We prepare you for these challenges and connect you with people who know how to best meet them.

    Students learn intensively and individually in small classes and conference groups. This creates a special learning environment, in which they can exchange and inspire each other, and promote their entrepreneurial thinking.

    Be part of our team and make a difference around the world.

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